Thursday, April 13, 2006

Committment to writing

Well, I've really let my blog slip to the back burner. Life has been hectic and I just, well, I just didn't have time. The blog isn't the only thing I pushed aside. My writing has also been left to fend for itself. But a new day awaits.

I recently finished Steven King's On Writing as an assignment for a creative writing course. Wow. The non-preachy teaching method he used was wonderful. His childhood tales really drop your guard before you even realize a lesson lies somewhere within each and every word. I felt like we were two old chums, yucking it up around the fireplace, with hot cocoa and s'mores in hand. The personal mannor in which he shares years worth of wisdom is truly inspiring for novice writers. Here is a man, after all, that wrote his first novel (Carrie) in a tiny laundry room with only a child's desk and typewriter to speak of. He's now published over fifty novels. Holy hell! If he can dedicate his time, in a dungy laundry room no less, why not anyone? Why not me?

So, I am hereby committing myself to no less than 1000 words per day, five days a week.

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Catherine L. Tully said...

That is a great, great book. I am not a big fan of his fiction, but "On Writing" is one of my faves in terms of writing books...